Month: September 2022


The amount of time required to get used to new dentures depends on each individual. Usually it takes at least a few months before people feel comfortable wearing dentures. This is because your body needs to learn how to do things with dentures in place.  For new beginners who have just started to wear dentures, […]


If you have a missing tooth or a set of missing teeth, you can understand what a struggle it becomes to properly chew, speak and attend public functions. But, if you again want to start chewing your food, speak properly and regain your self-esteem when you go out to public functions, then you have two […]


Things you must know about immediate dentures. Immediately following your tooth extraction, your dentist may have recommended you to get immediate or temporary dentures. Although you had no clue what it meant, to avoid looking like a fool you may have kept the queries to yourself. Now, you are having trouble knowing what it meant […]


Dentures are a lifesaver for people who have lost one or more teeth. It helps a person to regain his smile, his confidence, and brings back his self-esteem. When you first bought our dentures, you may have been mesmerized by the whiteness that your dentures emanated. However, with time you begin to notice your dentures […]