Month: December 2022


Flexible dentures are a type of partial denture made to replace one or more missing teeth using a soft, clear base which allows your own gums to show through. Flexible partial dentures are made with nylon resin that mimic the natural tissues of your mouth unlike traditional dentures that are made with a rigid acrylic […]


If you are worried about your dentures not fitting well and are looking for some security then dental adhesive can offer some piece of mind. Dental adhesive is a water-soluble, non-toxic material that is applied to the underside of dentures which comes in contact with gums to hold them in place. Denture adhesives are typically used […]


Dentures help you to speak clearly, chew properly, and smile with confidence. They need proper care to keep them clean, free from stains and keeping them in perfect condition. Taking care of the denture set is important just like natural teeth as plaque can form on them and if not removed your denture may look […]


Partial dentures are replacement teeth attached to a plastic base which blends in with your gums. A partial denture can be the best option if you have any missing teeth, whether they’re in the anterior of the mouth or the back, on the upper arch or lower. Partial dentures are a cost-effective way to replace […]


Dentures can help improve appearance and function, allowing patients to eat and speak properly. The first week experience with new dentures can be hard as they feel different from natural teeth and without proper care they may rub and irritate gums. You’ll have to learn how to keep them in place, smile, speak, eat, and […]