4 easy ways to decide between a dental bridge, implants or dentures.

4 easy ways to decide between a dental bridge, implants or dentures.


If you are missing one tooth or several teeth it can make you lose confidence. To help you decide the best way for replacement of teeth, consult with dentists, they will recommend dental prosthetic teeth depending on your dental condition. Once you are ready to get those missing teeth fixed or close the gap then you have three different options such as dental bridge , dentures and implants.

  • Dental bridge: These bridges are a set of porcelain teeth also known as pontics which are attached to the crowns and adhere to the teeth on both sides of the gap. These bridges are fixed which means they can be removed.
  • Dentures: Partial dentures are removable dental prosthetic teeth which are attached to the gums and can be removed whenever required.
  • Implants: Denture implant is aesthetically pleasing compared to all the choices as it closely resembles a natural tooth.

Here are 4 ways to help you decide between these options:

  1. Number of missing teeth
    One of the first things to consider when choosing replacement for your missing teeth is the number of teeth that you are missing. If you are missing one or two teeth, then you can fill the gap with an implant. However, if you are missing several teeth then it won’t be practical to have implants placed for every single missing tooth. In this case dentures and bridges are your best pick.
  2. Cost
    The cost for each option depends on the number of teeth that need to be replaced and the materials that are used to construct them. Between dentures vs bridge cost, denture is one of the cheapest alternatives. Denture implant bridge cost can cost about a few thousand dollars as the abutment teeth need to be crowned. Your dentist may also recommend you an implant to be used as the abutment teeth allowing the use of a bridge without incurring the expense of several implants.
  3. Durability
    When deciding between the teeth replacements the most important factor that you may need to consider is the durability. Dentures, bridges and implants all have different life expectancies. Dentures can last for about 7 years with proper care and hygiene. Bridges last longer compared to dentures for about 10 years. They will however need to be replaced once or twice. Implants are permanent which means they won’t have to be replaced as long as you take care of it properly.
  4. Experience
    Implants provide the best experience because they cause no harm to the natural teeth. Dentures however can cause mouth sores, receding gums, bone loss and alteration in the face frame. Dentures are also prone to breakage. Even though bridges are a better alternative than dentures, they require regular maintenance to prevent gum disease.


Need professional consultation on your decision?

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