Best uses of flexible partials.

Best uses of flexible partials.


Flexible partial dentures

Flexible partial dentures are made from light-weighted thermoplastic materials designed by CAD/CAM for an optimal fit and best superb tissue adaptation. It is a softer and more flexible material than traditional dentures. It is designed to look and function like natural and real teeth. It may be removed at any time and early dental implant surgery patients can remove it for a short period. It is most commonly used as a temporary tooth loss solution while waiting for a permanent fix. Flexible partial dentures are considered more difficult to repair and reline than traditional dentures, so it is used for a short time. Flexible partial dentures for back teeth can make daily life more comfortable as they are designed to replace missing molars; they consist of teeth replacement attached to an acrylic base.
Flexible partials can last for many years with the proper. It should be cleaned daily and soaked in a cleansing solution to prevent bacteria. Flexible partial dentures for back teeth are available if a patient is willing to give time with lots of benefits. There are two types of flexible partial choices; Cast premium partials and clear complete partials.

Best uses of flexible partials

Flexible partial dentures are made to adapt the shape of the gums and teeth by flexing into the right position. Here are the many reasons for the use of Flexi partials if the patient’s regular life:
1. It looks natural and real teeth
2. It cost less than traditional dentures
3. It is more lightweight
4. Faster to make and fit easily
5. It is more resistant to staining
6. It is less likely to break
7. Help to preserve the oral health of remaining teeth
8. Prevent teeth from shifting
9. Easy to adjust than traditional dentures
10. Less irritation and allergic reaction


Different types of materials used in flexible partials

Flexible partials are made of a nylon frame rather than metal which offers aesthetic benefits. It is designed to replace a single tooth or a few teeth rather than a full set of teeth. They are not durable or strong but are also a preferred choice of patients due to the materials used in the flexible dentures. Flexible dentures use nylon materials that are softer and thinner than acrylic and provide a malleable quality that is comfortable to use. The thermoplastic materials are heated and molded into flexible denture bases which are customized for every patient. Flexible partial dentures are thinner so patients find them more comfortable since they don’t have mental clasps. The materials used in flexible dentures are realistic, and natural and can effectively help dentures to stay in place without causing any problems or discomfort.
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