Flexible Partials


Flexi partials, also known as flexible partial dentures or flexible removable partial dentures, are a type of prosthesis used to  replace missing teeth. They are often made from a flexible, clear material that closely matches the color of your gums and teeth. Flexi partials are more aesthetically pleasing compared to traditional metal-based partial dentures, which […]


Flexi partials, also known as flexible partial dentures or flexible dentures, are a type of removable dental prosthesis that is used to replace missing teeth. They are made from a flexible thermoplastic material that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Temporary use of flexi partials is also considered a temporary solution because they are not […]


Partial dentures are replacement teeth attached to a plastic base which blends in with your gums. A partial denture can be the best option if you have any missing teeth, whether they’re in the anterior of the mouth or the back, on the upper arch or lower. Partial dentures are a cost-effective way to replace […]


Flexible partial dentures Flexible partial dentures are made from light-weighted thermoplastic materials designed by CAD/CAM for an optimal fit and best superb tissue adaptation. It is a softer and more flexible material than traditional dentures. It is designed to look and function like natural and real teeth. It may be removed at any time and […]