Reline & Rebasing


If you have persistent ridge resorption, your dentures may become loose and uncomfortable to wear. When the fit of a removable denture is weakened as a consequence of gradual alveolar bone shrinkage, relining of complete dentures or rebasing may be required. Removable complete dentures are dentures that may be removed from the mouth and replaced […]


Relining your dentures is a great way to maximize the comfort and lifespan of your dentures and also make sure that you get the best outcome from your dentures. How do you assist your dental laboratory to get the best possible result if you have established that a reline or rebase will help? The lab […]


A laboratory processed reline is one of the most durable forms of reline because it is processed and cured in the same manner as the original acrylic denture. You will be without your denture for the majority of the day if you have your denture relined in a laboratory. The following are some of the […]


People who wear dentures frequently experience pain and discomfort because their prosthetic teeth do not fit their mouths snugly over time due to many reasons. If the dentures become too loose it can result in the formation of gum soreness. If you have just started wearing your first set of dentures, then you may get […]


Soft relines Vs hard relines: which one to choose? The patient’s requirements, oral health, and overall situation serve as the primary factors in determining which relining method is most appropriate for them. Your dentist will be able to guide you toward the denture reline option that is most suitable for your needs. Although the denture […]


If your dentures aren’t fitting comfortably as it used to then it is time to reline or rebase your denture. Relining of denture adds materials to the inner plate which is attached to your gums to see any changes in the underlying soft and hard tissue in your mouth. When relining dentures, the dentists will […]


Denture reline is an easy way to add material to the part of the denture which is in contact with the gums. Relining of denture resurfaces the area of the denture that touches your gums to make it fit better. This makes the denture fit and feels better when gums shift and change, due to […]


Relining is the procedure used in resurfacing of the tissue of a denture base to a person’s gum with new material to make it fit the underlying tissue more accurately. A new acrylic base is placed into the denture to fill the space that exists between the original denture contour and altered tissue contour duplicating […]