How much does denture implant cost?

How much does denture implant cost?


Thinking about having denture implants? While doing your research you may have noticed the cost of denture implants varying quite a bit. The cost for a single implant can range from $1500 to $6000. Whereas implants for multiple teeth can range from $1500 to over $50000. Denture implants cost can be very expensive and it makes many people believe whether it really costs a lot or are dentists quoting high prices. This article will help you understand the unexpected cost that makes denture implants so expensive.

Types of denture implants

  • Single tooth implant: It can cost about $1000-$3000 for a single tooth implant. However, the abutment and the crown can add an additional $500 to $3000 in expenses. The average total expected cost can range from $1500 to $6000.
  • Multiple tooth implants: Denture implant cost for multiple teeth’s can cost between $1500 to $30000. Usually when two to four teeth are being replaced with high quality implant supported dentures, the procedure can cost between $6000 to $10000. Like any other procedure, the costs can be expected to increase based on the unique circumstances of the patients.
  • Full mouth implants: Also known as permanent false teeth denture, for this type of implant supported dentures the cost can vary from $7000 to $90000. The average implant supported denture costs about $34000. A top or bottom set of dentures can cost about $3500 to $30000.

There are certain factors that can affect denture implant cost:

  1. Implant type: The first decision you will make while discussing with your dentist is what kind of implant you want to use. Depending on the type of implant, it can cost between $1500 to $2200 for large denture implants. However, for some patients who don’t have sufficient bone density for large implants, mini implants are recommended. Mini implants can cost from $500 to $1500 which is inexpensive in the short run but mini implants are not durable and need to be replaced quite often.
  2. Number of implant: The overall cost will depend on the number of implants that you need. For people with a strong jaw bone it can require only 4 implants, while for people with weak jaw bones it may require anywhere from 6 to 8 implants.
  3. Preparatory procedure: It requires a certain time to prepare your mouth to regularly wear dentures. For patients who have gum issues, oral issues, it may require removal of teeths to prevent infection. This can increase the cost of implants accordingly.
  4. Denture Quality: Depending on the quality of the materials you choose for your replacement teeths, the cost will vary accordingly. Usually, the cost of dentures can range from $300 to $5000 depending on the quality.


Are denture implants worth the money?

Although, implants can be very expensive in the short run, in the long run having denture implants is worth every penny. Some of the benefits of having denture implants are:

    1. It provides better stimulation to your jawline.
    2. It provides a stable base for your set of teeths.
    3. It helps you speak properly.
    4. It gives a natural look.
    5. It is durable and helps patients to chew properly.

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