Denture reline Vs Rebase: Everything you need to know

Denture reline Vs Rebase: Everything you need to know


Denture reline is an easy way to add material to the part of the denture which is in contact with the gums. Relining of denture resurfaces the area of the denture that touches your gums to make it fit better. This makes the denture fit and feels better when gums shift and change, due to resorption or change in the mouth over time. A reline can help to improve the function, fit, and comfort of dentures, and is an important part of keeping them in good functioning condition.

There are two types of denture relining

  • Soft denture: It is done when a patient receives dentures immediately after oral surgery and is still in recovery. It lasts about a year or two. It is for people who have sensitive gums, and hard dentures. It is a great option for somebody looking for a little more grip and holds as well as comfort in a denture
  • Hard denture: hard denture reline will improve the stability of patient dentures. A hard denture reline takes place approx. every two years. The procedure involves shaving off a thin layer of a denture. It will take the exact shape of a ridge. It can be very comfortable when it fits correctly.

Denture Rebase is the replacement of the gum which is part of the dentures. It will fit perfectly over the natural gums. It is the more drastic adjustment and requires a thorough replacement of all the acrylic in your denture base. It is used when the denture teeth are in good condition, but the base needs a complete adjustment with new denture rebase material. It helps to replace discolored & cracked with new ones which also allows the dentist to reposition the teeth.


Sign that you need a denture reline

After many times even the best-made dentures will need to be relined. It will naturally shift or slip over time due to the change in the structure of the mouth.  Some of the signs that you need a denture reline include:

  • Changes in the shape and size of the gums
  • Sores or irritation around the gums
  • Slipping or shifting of the denture while eating or speaking
  • Difficulty in chewing
  • Pain in the gums
  • Unstable & discomfort


Reline Rebase at Persaud’s Dental Lab

Even after too much care, you need a doctor for a reline base. Visiting your doctor for relining of dentures is best for your dental health.  A regular visit to Persaud’s Dental Lab will ensure that you can discuss any concerns about denture reline vs rebase. If you need anything regarding your dental treatment visit  Persaud’s Dental Lab , where our dentist team ensures you with a comfortable dental treatment procedure with different types of advanced equipment.

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