How long does it take to get used to new dentures?

How long does it take to get used to new dentures?


The amount of time required to get used to new dentures depends on each individual. Usually it takes at least a few months before people feel comfortable wearing dentures. This is because your body needs to learn how to do things with dentures in place. 

For new beginners who have just started to wear dentures, or are considering to wear dentures. Persaud’s Dental Laboratory has prepared a calendar guide for the first 30 days to ensure   denture service with promising comfort. 

Calendar guide for new beginners:

Day 1: For new beginners, it is recommended to start your adjustment period by eating soft foods like mashed potatoes, puddings, and ice cream that are gentle on your gums. Many first-time denture wearers say eating soft foods that are gentle on your gums and teeth make the adjustment to dentures a lot easier. Your dentures will feel uncomfortable in the initial phase, but try to wear it as much as you can so that you begin to feel comfortable with it.

  • Day 2 to 14: Between Day 2 to 14, a likely experience that you may notice is increased salivation because of the dentures. One trick to deal with excessive salivation is to eat a piece of candy. Also you may notice it can be difficult to speak properly in the first few days. To overcome the difficulty, you will have to be patient and keep practicing to speak with dentures. Over time it will begin to feel easier and comfortable.
  • Day 15 to 29: With time, you begin to notice now it is far easier for you to speak and eat with dentures in your mouth. The time between day 15 to 29 is the best time to start using adhesive to improve the fit and feel of your dentures. This phase may also be the best time to introduce your mouth with hard foods in small chunks. However, do remember to chew them slowly and for a longer period.
  • Day 30: After 30 days you will start feeling a lot comfortable and start enjoying most of your activities confidently. It is best to visit your prosthodontist on a regular basis to have your dentures checked.
  • At Any Point: If you continue to experience discomfort during the 30-day adjustment period, you can apply denture pain relief gel and have your dentures checked by a dentist. Expect a longer denture adjustment if you have healing sore gums from dentures.


Possible discomfort: Cause and Treatment

If you wear dentures, then you must schedule regular dental checkups. Having regular dental checkups are the best way to identify the underlying denture issues as it can only be done by a professional. Other than that, some common factors which can cause discomfort or pain in your mouth due to dentures are listed below:

  • Bacteria build-up: The possibility of bacterial build up increases significantly if you are not cleaning your dentures properly. Bacterial build up can cause discomfort in your mouth, and can even result in formation of painful sores in your mouth. When there is an increase in the number of bacteria, there are high chances of yeast forming under the denture. This will increase the risk of developing painful sores.
  • Ill-fitting dentures: During the healing phase, it is possible that your mouth may slightly change. This will increase the chances of your dentures not fitting properly. If your dentures are ill-fitted then it can become very uncomfortable for you to wear them.
  • Initial adjustment: Many first time denture users will feel uncomfortable during the initial stage because of the additional pressure exerted by dentures on your gums. It can take some time to adjust to the dentures so it is necessary to be patient in the initial phase..

How to overcome denture pain and discomfort:

  • Denture maintenance: It is important that you make it a habit of properly taking care of your dentures. Always remember to follow your dentist’s recommendation and advice.
  • Proper hygiene: Make sure you keep your mouth clean and free of bacteria and infections. If you fail to maintain proper hygiene there is a high risk of bacteria build up and painful sores. However, if the pain is too much you should purchase denture pain relief products and consult your dentist as soon as possible.
  • Relining or refitting: If the discomfort is too much, you better contact your dentist as soon as possible for relining or refitting. There is a great possibility that you will experience your pain healing during the relining process

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