How stable are implant supported dentures?

How stable are implant supported dentures?


Implant supported dentures are the types of over denture that is supported by and attached to the dental implants. Implant supported dentures are recommended to the patients by the dentist who have damaged or missing teeth in the jaw but have enough bone to support the implant. Implant supported dentures are stable similarly to natural teeth because they are attached to the dental implants that have fused with the patient’s jawbone. You should consider getting implants if you have lost all of your teeth as there is more stability on implant supported dentures in comparison to traditional dentures. Dentures are held in place by suction forces which can result in shifting of appliance when worn making the wearer concerned about their dentures falling out. However, implant supported dentures do not contain these problems. Even though implant supported dentures provide different benefits, in implant supported denture vs implant both options provide improved denture stability and bite function.

How are implant supported dentures placed?

For the implant supported denture process the patient gets four to six implants on each side of their jaw then dentures are attached to the dental implants. After the placement of implant dentures, it will take up to six months for them to bond with bone tissues around them. This process is known as osseointegration and by the end of the procedure, the implants will become one with the patient’s jaw. These implant supported dentures will keep the jawbone stimulated when the wearer bites down on something preventing atrophy.


Reasons to choose implant supported dentures.

Here are some of the reasons why implant supported dentures? Should be chosen:

  1. Allows you to eat a wider range of food: With regular dentures it can be hard to eat certain types of foods which means you will not be able to eat your favorite meal as a heavy bite can cause the denture to fall out. After getting implant support you can enjoy your regular and favorite meals once again because it practically restores your teeth’s biting and chewing ability.
  2. Stability: Implant supported dentures are more stable in comparison to regular dentures and can last for a long time. Denture implants are often comfortable and stable since the implants fuse or integrate with a person’s jawbone.
  3. Appears more natural: Implant supported dentures appear more natural because they are held securely in their position by the implants. These dentures are anchored down to the implants similarly the real teeth are anchored down to their roots.
  4. Prevents jawbone atrophy: The reason why traditional dentures become loose or ill-fitting overtime is due to the bone shedding or deterioration in the jaw. However, unlike traditional dentures, implant supported dentures prevent jawbone atrophy because the wearer’s jaw is stimulated whenever they bite down onto something.
  5. Does not cause irritation: Implant supported dentures result in less irritation in the mouth. These dentures are not constantly rubbing against the soft tissues in the mouth which means it does not lead to soreness.

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