How to repair broken dentures?

How to repair broken dentures?


Dentures are typically made from durable materials whether it is partial or full. The materials such as acrylic and metal are used to make dentures to last for a long period of time. But, accidents can and do happen, resulting in the need for repair. When a partial denture is broken then it is pretty simple to repair cracks and plastic pieces. Partial denture repair can be done even if your denture’s metal clasp breaks by embedding wire into the partial denture base and clipping it around the teeth. Broken dentures can be distressing and also can cause pain in the gums or other problems in the mouth.

Denture repair service allows you to have denture repaired without a trip to the dental clinic. These services make convenient & affordable denture repair with denture repair costs range from $100 to $500.

Here are how to repair broken dentures:

  1. Determine whether denture can be temporarily fixed: Before fixing dentures, see how the denture has broken. See whether a piece of its pink acrylic has fallen off? Or has one of its teeth cracked or fallen out? & has the denture broken in half? Due to this you may be able to temporarily fix the first two issues and the third issue you cannot. `this types of damaged dentures can be repaired with access to a dental lab.
  2. Call the dental office before doing anything else: Whether or not you can repair broken dentures, call the dentist or prosthodontist. Explain the situation and tell them what portion of denture has broken. Then schedule an appointment for the earliest available and any emergency repair.
  3. Don’t keep wearing broken dentures: Sometimes, even broken dentures can still fit and stay in your mouth but don’t try to keep wearing them until an appointment to the dentist. Damaged dentures can easily cause sores, cuts, gum inflammation and or other health complications. But continuing to wear them might even cause them to break.
  4. Buy a denture repair kit: Once an appointment with your dentist or prosthodontist is done, buy a denture kit. Find options at most local drug stores and pharmacies or online. Most kits include a small bottle of acrylic resin or other bonding materials and also include different replacements for teeth that have fallen out of dentures.
  5. Proceed with caution: Carefully follow the instructions in the denture repair kit before you begin. If you don’t take proper care, you risk damaging your dentures even more. You need to:
  • Use a completely clean and dry well-lit workspace.
  • Avoid touching the kits bounding material with bare hands and especially if you must mix the adhesive yourself.
  • Use only a small amount of the resin scraping away any excess to ensure the repaired dentures fit well in the mouth.
  • Keep the denturespieces correctly aligned throughout repair process
  • Let repaired dentures dry completely before wearing again.


Different types of broken denture repair

Dentures need to be repaired when it is seriously damaged or when it just needs some minor adjustments. So, here are the types of denture repair:

  • Rebasing: Rebasing is a type of denture repair that replaces the entire base of the dentures. It transfers teeth from an old denture onto a new acrylic base with the goal of making them more stable. It is often necessary when dentures begin to reach the end of their lifetime or become cracked or they are dropped.
  • Relining: Relining is another type of denture repair which is necessary when a wearer’s dentures begin to change overtime. It changes the surface area of the denture which sits on the soft tissues of the oral cavity. These changes begin to affect the way dentures fit then it is time for them to take their denture of relining.
  • Adjustments: Adjustment is adjusting the dentures fitting to prevent irritation and discomfort. It is a minor adjustment which allows the dentures to function properly and also include adjusting some of the aesthetic parts of the denture.

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