What are implant supported dentures?

What are implant supported dentures?


Implant supported dentures are used when a person has lost several or all of his/her teeth in the jaw but have enough bone density to support implants. These dentures are anchored by tiny titanium screws that are surgically inserted deep into the jawbone. Implant supported dentures are permanent tooth replacement options for patients who have lost their upper or lower teeth. Implants provide the dentures with structural stability, support and drastically reduces bone loss. Unlike conventional dentures that simply rest on the gums which can potentially slip out of its place, the implants have special attachments that hold snap-in dentures making it more stable and versatile. 


How are implant supported dentures placed?

The complete implant supported denture process can be a lengthy one and can take two to seven months, including the time it takes to fully heal. 

First, implants are placed into your jaw through implants surgery. The surgeon will open your gums and usually place four to eight implants that are placed surgically deep in your jawbone. Two to six months may be required for the healing process to allow the implants and the bone to bond together, also known as osseointegration, during the time to form a strong enough anchor for the snap-in dentures. 

Depending on the system procedure, a second surgery might be needed as the surgeon will need to uncover the implants and attach extensions called abutments completing the foundation for your false teeth. However, this step may be bypassed if the implants already have extensions attached. After the implants have been inserted, a connecting device will be tightened down onto them to keep the dentures in place. 

Finally, once the dentures are healed your dentist will then take a mold of your arch to create full dentures and attach them to the connecting device and place them in your mouth. However, each procedure varies depending on the person’s specific requirements and condition of getting the dentures. 


Benefits of implant supported dentures. 

An implant-supported full denture is a great option when you need to replace lost natural teeth as well as improve gum tissue volume, jawbone density and give you your smile back. People might get confused on implant supported dentures vs implant which one will be right for them. If you need to replace all your top or bottom teeth then implant supported dentures may help restore your smile. The cost of implant supported dentures may vary from factors such as: number of implants required, quality of the denture location and type of implants, dentist selected for the procedure, preparatory procedures required and the condition of your mouth. These dentures come with benefits such as: 

  • Fixed implant dentures feel, appear and function natural in your mouth. 
  • Implants are more comfortable and stable than conventional dentures making it easy to speak, smile, and chew Implants preserve the jawbone and prevent jawbone tissue loss and gum damage as well. 
  • Implants are much more long-lasting than any other treatment. 
  • Implants are easier to maintain and are often more aesthetic.

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