Dentures are a kind of removable dental replacement designed for damage or missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. The system consists of an internal framework that fits over the patient’s natural teeth and jawbone. The framework has four parts: modular oral circuit, implant crown base, implant crown and abutment, and the removable partial denture. Dentures come along with a ton of advantages. Because dentures are made to resemble natural teeth, there are only a few noticeable changes in their appearance. In fact, dentures can enhance your smile and even complete your look. There are two types of dentures and those are:-

  • Complete denture
  • Partial denture


The process of replacing the tissue which connects the surface of the existing denture is called relining. Whereas the process of replacing the entire denture base of an existing complete or partial denture is called rebasing. Relines are generally used for improving the denture implants. It is a procedure used to re-fit the surface of a denture to a person’s natural gum area. It can bring back suction, comfort, stability and help prevent food from getting under your dentures and make it as new as before. Relining acts upon the denture fit rather than the appearance. Relining is required when bone and tissues change due to shrinkage. Rebase is used to adjust the retrofitting by replacing the whole  base with the new one. Its producers are as similar to relining your dentures. The only distinction that we can see is that a rebase replaces all the pink acrylic denture base material whereas the relines doesn’t. Rebasing may be mandatory if your denture is broken or if it is turning old and weak. Immediate and initial placement dentures will encompass a rebase procedure.


In simple words, Relines are primarily invested in improving denture implants. Rebase helps in dramatically adjusting the entail retrofitting by replacing the entire acrylic base with the new one.


Relining and rebasing are very important. Following their usage over a period of time the adaptation of the dentures to the supporting basal tissues may not be the same as it was at the time of placement this may be due to the resorption of the underlying bone and the continuous use may lead to the loose fitting of the dentures and may lead to the irritation of underlying dentures. Hence repeated review is really important to assess the proper functioning of the dentures. An ill fitting denture may be adjusted either by relining or rebasing of the existing dentures. A normal part of the denture maintenance, oral tissues and bone support includes relining approximately every two to three years. Relines and rebases are obligatory when tissue changes occur due to shrinkage which be due to loss of weight, loss of teeth, loss of bone, aging, disease or illness, and many other 


Well pointing out why relining and rebasing are very important. The points are listed below:-

  • They help restore stability and retention.
  • They refurbish the lost proper occlusal and maxillomandibular relation.
  • They enhance the relationship of the tissue side to the basal tissue.
  • They restore chewing capacity.


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