What are immediate dentures?

What are immediate dentures?


Things you must know about immediate dentures.

Immediately following your tooth extraction, your dentist may have recommended you to get immediate or temporary dentures. Although you had no clue what it meant, to avoid looking like a fool you may have kept the queries to yourself. Now, you are having trouble knowing what it meant and wish you could find everything you needed to know about immediate dentures. Read further in the article to know everything you need to know about immediate dentures.

What is immediate denture?

An immediate denture is a complete denture or partial denture inserted on the same day, immediately following the removal of natural teeth while your permanent dentures are being made.

Is immediate denture for everyone?

Dentists do not consider everyone to be a candidate for an immediate denture. Immediate denture steps are not advised for some people because of their general health conditions or specific oral problems.

How much does immediate denture cost?

In general immediate dentures are usually 25% more expensive than other conventional dentures. But like every other dental treatment, the costs of immediate dentures are affected by various factors.

Firstly, designing and production of this type of denture is very complicated, and you will have to undergo a few trials before your final extraction of immediate denture is completed. Secondly, even after having an accurate fit for your dentures, you will require follow up visits for adjustment and re-fitting.

What is the process of getting immediate dentures?

  • One or two months before your tooth extraction: One or two months prior to your tooth extraction, dentists will take several impressions of your mouth, usually over four visits. This process helps in preparing the right dentures for you.
  • The day of the extraction: On the day of the extraction, once your teeth are removed the dentist will insert the immediate dentures.
  • First day with immediate dentures: On the first day,, you may feel a little soreness and discomfort as you are getting used to the denture.
  • First weeks: Slowly, as you begin to adjust to dentures your denture soreness and discomfort will slowly go away.
  • Getting your permanent dentures: When your dentist thinks it’s time, you will get impressions for your permanent dentures which will be made as per the measures.

Pros and Cons of immediate denture


  • It immediately fills gaps in your mouth after a tooth extraction.
  • During the healing phase, it provides protection and gives your gums time to heal.


  • Immediate dentures are expensive.
  • You cannot always know how the immediate dentures will look until they have not been inserted.
  • It can take many trials before your dentures fit accurately.

How to care for immediate dentures?

After your dentist extracts your teeth it is important that you follow your dentist’s advice to maintain proper immediate denture aftercare. Following your dental professional’s advice ensures your dentures are clean & healthy.
The experts at Persaud’s Dental Laboratory provide all kinds of denture services. They will guide you through the healing phase, and routinely ask you about the present condition of your dentures, any complications you have. Feel free to call us to book your appointment today or for further enquiry.

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