Why do some teeth need a dental crown?

Why do some teeth need a dental crown?


A dental crown is a cover for a damaged tooth that can restore the missing tooth, damaged or discolored tooth as well as protect the entire tooth structure. Dental crowns are a great tooth restoration solution for missing teeth. There are various types of dental crown available to help restore the teeth and to help you with your smile. The dental crown procedure can be completed within two appointments. Here are some of the reasons why some teeth need a dental crown:

  1. Stained teeth: Stained teeth can cause many people to lose their confidence. The teeth stains that won’t go away professional teeth whitening can be covered with the crown, and it will be easier to clean them.
  2. Cavities: If you have a cavity or several cavities then it won’t be fixed with a filling, it may crack an enamel and cause more tooth decay. Dental crowns will provide more protection than the fillings.
  3. Root canal: Root canal treatment is done on a severely decayed or infected tooth. Teeth can become weak and brittle after the treatment therefore, dental crowns are placed over them to restore the strength and offer a more permanent restoration.
  4. Fractured tooth: Fractured tooth includes everything from a cracked to a broken tooth. These injuries can occur because of weak enamel, tooth decay or impact injury and are prone to infection. Filling only fix minor chips whereas dental crowns provide more durability and strength for the fractured teeth that reach the gum line.
  5. Failed or multiple dental filling: If the filling has broken or the teeth has been filled several times then the structure of the tooth can weaken. A dental crown will be required to strengthen the teeth.


Pros and cons of having a dental crown.

There are various types of dental crown that you can choose from to help improve your oral health as well as can cover a number of cosmetic issues in your teeth. Dental crown cost is more expensive in comparison to other types of dental treatments as they need more time and materials. Here are few advantage of dental crown :

  • Dental crowns can help restore cracked or damaged teeth.
  • Replaces failed, large or worn-out dental fillings.
  • Helps to restore dental implants.
  • Improves your oral hygiene along with the appearance of your teeth from discoloration or mild alignment issues.
  • Protects teeth after a root canal treatment.
  • Helps to hold parts of damaged or cracked teeth together.
  • Can reshape your teeth.
  • Dental crowns are durable and strong therefore they can last for a longer period of time.

Along with advantages there are also some downsides of dental crowns such as:

  • The dentist will have to permanently reshape or file down the affected teeth.
  • Although the materials that are used to fabricate the crowns are strong and durable, they can still crack overtime.
  • If the dental cement that has been used to hold the crown in place softens or washes away, it can create a way for bacteria to grow under the crown.
  • Poorly fitted dental crowns will become loose and will eventually fall out.

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